SB2486 - 12V 7.2Ah SLA Back-up Battery - NBN/ALARM/UFB

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SB2486 1 Year Warranty These are small Sealed Lead Acid batteries that are generally used for semi-portable appliances that need more power or a fair bit of power (more than can be provided by D, C or AA cells) for a longish time. They are typically used for people who go caving, or for lighting for an overnight camping trip where you are travelling on foot. They are not ridiculously heavy or bulky. They are good to drive a lantern on a tinny for that night fishing expedition. Being sealed, you cannot fear that the battery acid (which is actually a GEL) will spill. The amp-hour rating tells you how long the battery will last before it goes flat. For example, a 7.2Ah battery will give 7.2 amps for one hour or 3.6 amps for 2 hours or 1.8 amps for 4 hours, etc. Generally an adequate amount of current for a lantern. They are ideally charged by solar panels.Also often found in alarm systems, NBN installations, and other critical systems with backup batteries. Features: • Leak proof construction • Usable and rechargeable in any position • Capable of high discharge rates • Deep discharge recovery • Wide range of operating temperatures • Long service life







Packaged Volume : 1.29l
Packaged Weight : 2.18kg
Packaged Length : 15.8cm
Packaged Width : 7.3cm
Packaged Height : 11.2cm
Length : 151mm
Height : 95mm
Depth : 65mm
Weight : 2.2kg
DC Voltage : 12V
Battery usage : Rechargeable
Battery Chemical Composition : Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Battery Peak Current : 108A
Amp Hour Rating : 7.2Ah
20 Hour Capacity : 7.2Ah
10 Hour Capacity : 6.48Ah
5 Hour Capacity : 5.76Ah
1 Hour Capacity : 4.32Ah
Internal Resistance : 25?
Connection Type : Spade Terminals
Type of battery : SLA Block
Recharging Voltage : 14.4V, 15V
Standard Recharge Current : 720mA
Recharging Time : 12hr
Availability : Stocked item

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