Expected Delivery Times

- North Island 1-5 workings days
- South Island 2-8 working days

Panasonic Products - Expected Delivery Times

- North Island 1-7 workings days
- South Island 5-12 working days

Please Note: Rural deliveries may take an extra working day, and bulk deliveries may take an extra 2-4 working days


Proof of delivery and insurance

All orders shipped by Tech Supply Shed are sent via a courier with a signature required for each delivery. In some cases, and only where you have given the courier company permission to leave orders at a designated location, your order may be delivered without requiring a signature. All orders sent by Tech Supply Shed are fully insured in the unlikely event that your item(s) are damaged or go missing in transit.

Panasonic orders require both a delivery address and contact telephone number details.


Courier Rates - (June 2021)

A courier rate calculator is also available at the bottom of each product page and at the shopping cart stage.

Auckland New Zealand
Rate name Weight Price
Auckland - Residential Address 0kg–20kg $6.60
Auckland - Rural Address 0kg–14kg $10.25
Auckland - Rural Address 14kg–20kg $16.40
Short Haul New Zealand - Waikato
Rate name Weight Price
Short Haul - Residential Address 0kg–2kg $8.70
Short Haul - Residential Address 2kg–4kg $9.40
Short Haul - Residential Address 4kg–6kg $10.00
Short Haul - Residential Address 6kg–8kg $10.70
Short Haul - Residential Address 8kg–10kg $11.35
Short Haul - Residential Address 10kg–12kg $12.00
Short Haul - Residential Address 12kg–14kg $12.70
Short Haul - Residential Address 14kg–16kg $13.30
Short Haul - Residential Address 16kg–18kg $14.00
Short Haul - Residential Address 18kg–20kg $14.65
Short Haul - Rural Address 0kg–2kg $11.55
Short Haul - Rural Address 2kg–4kg $12.15
Short Haul - Rural Address 4kg–6kg $12.70
Short Haul - Rural Address 6kg–8kg $13.30
Short Haul - Rural Address 8kg–10kg $13.85
Short Haul - Rural Address 10kg–12kg $14.40
Short Haul - Rural Address 12kg–14kg $15.00
Short Haul - Rural Address 14kg–16kg $21.75
Short Haul - Rural Address 16kg–18kg $22.35
Short Haul - Rural Address 18kg–20kg $22.90
Long Haul New Zealand – The rest of the North Island
Rate name Weight Price
Long Haul - Residential Address 0kg–2kg $9.35
Long Haul - Residential Address 2kg–4kg $11.55
Long Haul - Residential Address 4kg–6kg $13.80
Long Haul - Residential Address 6kg–8kg $16.05
Long Haul - Residential Address 8kg–10kg $18.30
Long Haul - Residential Address 10kg–12kg $20.55
Long Haul - Residential Address 12kg–14kg $20.80
Long Haul - Residential Address 14kg–16kg $25.05
Long Haul - Residential Address 16kg–18kg $27.25
Long Haul - Residential Address 18kg–20kg $29.50
Long Haul - Rural Address 0kg–2kg $12.10
Long Haul - Rural Address 2kg–4kg $14.05
Long Haul - Rural Address 4kg–6kg $16.00
Long Haul - Rural Address 6kg–8kg $17.95
Long Haul - Rural Address 8kg–10kg $19.90
Long Haul - Rural Address 10kg–12kg $21.85
Long Haul - Rural Address 12kg–14kg $23.80
Long Haul - Rural Address 14kg–16kg $31.90
Long Haul - Rural Address 16kg–18kg $33.85
Long Haul - Rural Address 18kg–20kg $35.80
Inter- Island New Zealand – South Island
Rate name Weight Price
Inter-Island Economy Residential Address 0kg–2kg $11.58
Inter-Island Economy Residential Address 2kg–4kg $14.85
Inter-Island Economy Residential Address 4kg–6kg $18.05
Inter-Island Economy Residential Address 6kg–8kg $21.25
Inter-Island Economy Residential Address 8kg–10kg $24.50
Inter-Island Economy Residential Address 10kg–12kg $27.70
Inter-Island Economy Residential Address 12kg–14kg $30.95
Inter-Island Economy Residential Address 14kg–16kg $34.15
Inter-Island Economy Residential Address 16kg–18kg $37.35
Inter-Island Economy Residential Address 18kg–20kg $40.57
Inter-Island Economy Rural Address 0kg–2kg $14.10
Inter-Island Economy Rural Address 2kg–4kg $16.90
Inter-Island Economy Rural Address 4kg–6kg $19.70
Inter-Island Economy Rural Address 6kg–8kg $22.50
Inter-Island Economy Rural Address 8kg–10kg $25.30
Inter-Island Economy Rural Address 10kg–12kg $28.10
Inter-Island Economy Rural Address 12kg–14kg $30.90
Inter-Island Economy Rural Address 14kg–16kg $39.85
Inter-Island Economy Rural Address 16kg–18kg $42.65
Inter-Island Economy Rural Address 18kg–20kg $45.45


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