SB1682 - 12V 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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SB1682 AGM batteries have been the popular choice for many applications over the last 50 years where low cost, reliable and portable power is needed. This 100Ah AGM battery is the best balance between size and capacity, and will fit our HB8504 battery boxes. It has an absorbent glass mat (AGM) embedded in the structure of the plates which stops the plates from buckling under heavy discharge current. By helping make the innards of the battery virtually solid, you can mount it in any position, but it is still preferable, of course, to mount the battery upright, even for the sake of convenience of terminal access. These batteries are ideal as house / auxillary batteries for caravans, camper trailers and motorhomes. They also can be used in remote area systems where no power is available. and  Note: It is important to not discharge an AGM more than 60% between recharges.Note: Due to excessive weight this product cannot be shipped by express or air freight and may attract a surcharge when shipped by road freight. Please contact our call centre for details.







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