Panasonic EW1611W541 Reservoir Oral Irrigator Electric Toothbrush

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Get dentist-clean at home! Water jet with ultrasonic technology washes away the concealed bacteria in periodontal pockets that cause periodontal disease.


Ultrasonic technology

The shock wave generated by the ultrasonic technology amplifies the power of cleaning. It helps remove more food debris from the teeth and interdental pockets, even under the same level of water pressure.

The 3 benefits of water jet with Ultrasonic technology

The Panasonic Oral Irrigator irrigator forces out food debris caught between teeth with a Ultrasonic Technology water jet and flushes away floating plaque in periodontal pockets. The water jet can also be used to comfortably stimulate the gums.

Powerful water jet removes food debris

It features a powerful pump to provide high water pressure. It removes bacteria and food debris from between teeth with a powerful ultrasonic water jet.

Water jet cleans up periodontal pockets

It washes away the concealed bacteria in periodontal pockets that cause periodontal disease.

Gum care with comfortable, intermittent stimulation

Water flow containing fine bubbles of air comfortably stimulates the areas of concern in the gums.

Max. Pressure 646 kPa
Water Pressure Setting 10 ck
Water Characteristic Ultrasonic Technology
Capacity 600 mL
Usage Time 115 sec
Dish Washer Tank
Voltage 100 - 240 V
Size 125 x 140 x 200 mm
Weight 940 g


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- North Island 1-5 workings days
- South Island 5-10 working days

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