Panasonic ES-LT8N-S841 3 Blade Linear Power Shaver with Cleaning Base

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The ES-LV9Q, a premium performance shaver for men who enjoy having a smooth, clean shave every day. Featuring a Multi-flex 5D head, 14,000 CPM Linear Motor Drive, sensor technology and Auto Cleaning Station.


Multi-Flex 3D Head

A newly developed suspension mechanism makes head movements more flexible. The shaver closely follows facial contours allowing a smoother shave.

Reduces Burden on Skin for a Gentle Shave

The line from the throat to under the jaw is the most difficult place to shave. If the shaver head loses close contact with the skin, stubble is left uncut, however applying too much pressure can irritate skin. The Multi-Flex 3D Head avoids putting excessive pressure on your skin and it always stays in close vertical contact with the skin for a smooth shave.

A Legacy of Quality, A Tradition of Innovation

Panasonic has used innovative technology to develop sharp and robust blades of outstanding quality. Japanese craftsmanship techniques are used only for Panasonic shaver blades.

Sharp & Close

Whatever type of beard you have, the 3-blade system thoroughly cuts hair. Acute angle inner blades, honed to nano level precision, cleanly cut even tough beards to provide a close, gentle shave.
30˚ Nano Polished Blades
The acute 30° cutting edge of the inner blades enables an incredibly close shave. Driven by a high-speed motor, the blades cut smoothly through the toughest beards.

3-Blade Cutting System

Two distinct foil patterns work in combination to capture and cut even the difficult parts of your beard.
Outer Foils
The outer foils capture and cut even stubborn stubble for a close shave.
Comb Blade
The outer foils capture and cut long stubble the outer blades have missed.

Shaving Sensor for Optimum Shaving Results

The automatic stubble sensor adjusts shaving power according to the density of your beard and is gentler on skin for optimum shaving results.

Detects Beard Density and Control Shaving Power

1. Heavy Beard: Powerful Movement
To maintain high power when shaving dense beards / stubble, the motor rotation speed is increased to provide powerful cutting.
2. Thin Beard: Soft Movement
When your beard / stubble is finer, power is reduced for a gentler cut which doesn’t irritate your skin.

Fast & Powerful

The 13,000 cpm linear motor which Panasonic has developed for their range of shavers provides a smooth and clean shave every time. It also maintains its power, even when shaving heavy beards.

High-Class Metal Design

Taking full advantage of high-quality materials, this premium shaver has a high-quality metal and rubber design making it comfortable to use.

Compact, Fully Automatic Cleaning Station

Thoroughly clean your shaver and keep the blades sharper for longer with the Automatic Cleaning and Charging Station.

Charging Indicator

5-stage LED meter displays battery capacity and charge status.
ModelNumber ES-LT8N
Number of Blades 3
Motor Speed 13,000 cpm
Inner Blade Angle 30-degree
Charging Time Approx. 1 hour
Wet/Dry Yes
Pop-up Trimmer Yes
Automatic Voltage Conversion Yes
LCD/LED Battery Monitor 5-stage LED meter
Replacement Foil WES9089
Replacement Blade WES9068
Replacement Set WES9015
Dimensions (H x W x D) Approx. 65 X 160 X 47 mm
Weight Approx. 165 g


Expected delivery times;

- North Island 1-5 workings days
- South Island 5-10 working days

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