Panasonic ES-LL21-K541 Black Wet & Dry 3 Blade Linear Power Shaver

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A 3-blade shaver with a linear motor enabling powerful cutting while being gentle to skin. The pop-up trimmer is also driven by the linear motor, which is unusual for an attached trimmer. Featuring sharp blades, it's ideal for grooming sideburns and other areas.


Gentle yet close shaving

The 3-blade cutting system with sharp stainless steel blades and linear motor drive combine to provide a close shave that's gentle on the skin. And thanks to the multi-fit arch and floating head, you can enjoy a smooth, close shave even in areas where stray hairs are hard to catch, such as on your cheeks and under your chin.

3-Blade cutting system

Three foils capture and cut even the difficult parts of your beard.
1. Slit Blades
Provides improved pre-cutting of long stray hairs.
2. Outer Foils
The outer foils capture and cut even stubborn stray hairs for a close shave.

Sharp & smooth finish

30˚ nano polished inner blades are honed to an acute 30° enabling them to cut hairs at the roots for a close, smooth shave.

Fast & powerful approx. 13,000 cpm linear motor drive for smooth cutting

The linear motor Panasonic especially developed for shavers ensures there is no loss of power and no stray hairs are missed, even when shaving heavy beards. A rapid linear motor drive delivers a smooth, clean shave at approx.13,000 cycles per minute.

Reduce skin irritation with shaving sensor

The sensor automatically detects beard density and adjusts shaving power accordingly. Using the optimum power reduces the burden on the skin for a gentle shave. 
1. Heavy Beard : Powerful Movement
To prevent loss of power when shaving areas where your beard is dense, motor rotation speed is increased to maintain powerful cutting.
2. Thin Beard : Soft Movement
When shaving areas where your beard is thin, power is reduced to provide gentle cutting that does't harm your skin.

Contour hugging with arched blade

Round-shaped outer foils follow the contours of your face for efficient coverage and maximum comfort. They fit uniformly against the skin, even under your chin, to provide a close shave over the entire surface.

For grooming sideburns

The pop-up trimmer, which pops up with a simple press of the thumb, is convenient for cutting missed stray hairs on your neck and grooming sideburns that have grown too long. Sharp blades and powerful linear motor drive enable exceptionally smooth cutting.

Sharp & precise cutting with pop-up trimmer

Features durable stainless steel blades with an acute 45° edge enabling precise cutting. Sharp cutting edges quickly cut even thick and hard hairs.

Pop-up Trimmer Yes
Attachment No
Type of Motor Linear Motor Approx. 13,000cpm
Blade Type 3-Blade
Inner Blade 30°Nano Polisehd Inner Blades
Shaving Sensor(LED Indicator) Yes
Charging Indicator 2LED
Charging Time 1hour
Operating Time 50 min
Power-supply voltage 100-240 V
Replacement Blade(Outer) ES9087
Replacement Blade(Inner) ES9068
Replacement Blade(Set) WES9013Y
Product dimensions (H x W x D) 15.5x 6.4 x 4.9 cm
Body Weight Approx.155g


Expected delivery times;

- North Island 1-5 workings days
- South Island 5-10 working days

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