MQB-1 - Tactile Transducer For Home Theater And Gamers (MQB-1) – Earthquake Sound

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Tactile Transducer For Home Theater And Gamers (MQB-1) – Earthquake Sound

Whether you are at home enjoying your favorite movies and music or even gaming, the MQB-1 Tactile Transducer is the perfect solution for deep impact tactile effects.

The MQB-1 easily attaches to individual theater chairs, recliners, sofas, or even large platforms that house several chairs. In addition, they can be mounted to office chairs and thrones for a cool music integration or gaming experience.

The MQB-1 uses the same impeccable technology as its big brother the Q10B which allows it to be the most powerful, accurate, and sensitive Mini Tactile Transducer on the market today. At only 3 ½” tall and 3 1/8” in diameter including the mounting feet, this unique little hot rod can be mounted in almost any location. Plus, it stays running cool and efficient for hours of perfected effects.

No delayed sound effects
Tactile output 100% of the input signal
Universal mounts
Platform mounting
Chair mounting
Flat wire aluminum voice coil
Thermal protection
Rugged cast aluminum heat sink
1.5? excursion @ 22Hz
Enhanced LFE

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