PLATINUM TOOLS Net Prowler PRO Test Kit. Kit includes: Net Prowler

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PLATINUM TOOLS Net Prowler PRO Test Kit. Kit includes: Net Prowler main unit. Network/Tel ID remote set. Coax ID-only remote set. RJ45 ID only remote set. Micro USB, RJ45 to alligator clips.

The Cable Prowler™ combines network testing (physical layer and link), cable verification & troubleshooting and PoE voltage testing in a handheld tester with a full-colour display; all with the capability of saving and printing tests results from a personal computer.

Cable Verification & Troubleshooting:
The Cable Prowler provides full cable testing on any category network, coax, or telephone cable. It will display wire map, numbered ID remotes, and any faults, including shorts, opens, mis-wires, split pairs, and reverses. The full-featured Cable Prowler measures cable length (using TDR technology) and generates tone levels for signal tracing and cable identification on all pairs, a selected pair, or a selected pin.

PoE Voltage Testing:
The Cable Prowler enables quick identification of a network drops link capability and current link status. Cable Prowler also tests the presence of PoE on the network drop and what class of PoE per IEEE 802.3 af/at with load test for voltage drop. These network tests can also be saved for record keeping and printing.

Kit Includes:


  • Cable Prowler™ main unit
  • #1-8 Network/Tel-Test and ID Smart Remote set
  • #1-8 Push on Coax ID-only Remote set
  • #1-12 RJ45 Data ID-only Remote set
  • Micro USB cable
  • No-Fault cable - Qty 2
  • RJ45 Port Saver
  • RJ45 to Alligator 12"
  • F Female to F Female adapters, set of 2
  • BNC Female to F Female Adapter
  • BNC Female to F Male Adapter
  • Heavy duty case



  • Displays length measurement for each pair in feet or meters using TDR technology
  • Full-colour graphical wire-mapping
  • Tests Ethernet cable configuration and verifies connectivity while conducting tests for opens, shorts, mis-wires, split pairs and reverses
  • Detects and reports current link speed and link capabilities for active Ethernet drop up to 1Gbps
  • Detects presence of PoE and class of PoE per IEEE 802.3af/at with load test for voltage drop
  • Ability to define cable name, save cable tests and print ALL results (cable testing & network testing)
  • View saved cable tests
  • Link light to identify the location of a hub/switch/router port
  • Supports up to 20x networks & coax ID - only mapping remotes
  • Supports up to 8x testing & ID SMART remotes for network & telephone cables
  • Generates selectable tones on selected pins for use with tone tracers
  • Multilingual (English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian)



  • Measure cable length and length of faults using TDR technology
  • Network testing of link capability, link status and the link light
  • Test PoE to ensure adequate power for powered devices such as VoIP phones
  • Conduct single ended and remote cable tests with a display of PASS, wire map, ID and faults for network & coax cables
  • Tone and trace cables
  • Locate unlabeled network & coax cables with up to 20x remote identifiers
  • Test multiple (up to 8) network & telephone drops with testing & identifier remotes
  • Define the cable name during your cable test, save every cable test, export to your computer for record keeping and printing

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