ZOLEO ZL1000 Global Satellite Communicator with Bluetooth Mobile App


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ZOLEO Provides Truly Seamless Global Messaging So You Can Always Count on Your Connection. ZOLEO Device Connects With Your Phone/Tablet to Provide Messaging Coverage Everywhere. Global app-to-app. Global email. Location Share+ feature. A rugged device that's entirely focused on communications. Ideal for road trips, outdoor adventure, farming, business, international travel and the backcountry.

ZOLEO works with your smartphone or tablet to provide truly global messaging that follows you out of cellular coverage, and back again. It also includes added safety features you can count on world-wide, and a dedicated SMS number and email address to make it easy for contacts to get in touch.

Please Note: this is a subscription based device. It also requires unobstructed view of the sky to operate correctly.

Key Features

  • Truly Global Two-Way Text, Email, and App-to-App Messaging
  • One-Touch SOS Alerting with 24/7 Monitoring
  • GPS, Location Sharing, and DarkSky™ Weather Forecasts,
  • Dedicated Text Number and Email Address
  • Free Companion App for Seamless Switching Between Iridium®, Cellular, and Wi-Fi


More Features

  • Two-way SOS Alerting - Location included with 24/7 expert monitoring
  • Check-In - Check-in with one press, including location to within 8 feet
  • GPS Location - Share GPS location including breadcrumb trail displayed in a map
  • Connectivity Beyond Cell Coverage - Truly global coverage via the Iridium® satellite network with no coverage gaps
  • Stay in Touch - Send and receive SMS/text, email and app-to-app messages
  • Easy to Use - Easy to use right out-of-the box, access your contacts and start messaging
  • Device Sharing - Easy device sharing between users eliminates the need for reassignments
  • Optional Add-On Accessories - Compatible accessories enable ZOLEO to be worn on a belt or backpack, or secured in a vehicle or vessel


ZOLEO Enables the Connections that Matter

Get the Message: How ZOLEO Works

Learn More

ZOLEO is the first messaging solution of its kind to be based on Iridium® Short Burst Data® (SBD®), cellular and Wi-Fi® standards, providing users a uniquely seamless messaging experience over the Iridium network. A free smartphone app offers users a familiar text messaging experience with no training required. Personal safety features like check-in, hyper-local weather forecasts and 24/7 world-wide SOS alerting, provide extra peace-of-mind when venturing off-the-grid.

For Anyone Who Ventures Beyond Mobile Coverage

Only ZOLEO connects with your phone or tablet to provide seamless global messaging that follows you in and out of mobile coverage — plus added safety features you can count on world-wide.

Say Goodbye to Coverage Gaps

With ZOLEO you’ll never miss a message again! 

When you’re beyond mobile coverage...
Your ZOLEO device links with our free app on your phone so you can send/receive messages anywhere on the planet via the Iridium satellite network.

When you're within mobile coverage...
Uniquely, the ZOLEO app seamlessly delivers messages over cellular and Wi-Fi. You'll always get the message, even if your ZOLEO satellite communicator device is turned off!

Global Messaging, as It Was Meant to Be
Only ZOLEO provides truly seamless global messaging so you can always count on your connection.

  • Offers a familiar ‘texting’ experience from your phone or tablet
  • Extends your coverage by transmitting over satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi
  • Makes it easy for contacts to reach you via your ZOLEO number/email
  • Enjoy more value for your dollar versus other satellite communicators


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Dimensions (L x W x H) 90.9mm x 66.0mm x 26.9mm
Weight 150 g
Iridium Embedded Technology Iridium 9603 Module
Operating Temperature Range -20 to 55 ℃
Storage Temperature Range -20 to 60 ℃
Durability Standard MIL-STD 810G
Ingress Protection IP68; Dust and Water Resistant (to 1.5m for 30 Min)
Accuracy, Positional 2.5 m
Battery Type Rechargeable Internal Lithium Ion
Charge Time 2 hr
Additional Networks Global Navigation Satellite System: GPS, GLONASS
Wi-Fi Enabled Yes
Connectivity Range 50 m
Interface Bluetooth LE (1 Connection At-a-time)
User Experience
Mobility Connect to the ZOLEO Mobile App via Bluetooth
Screen LED Indicators for Messages, SOS, Check-In, and Power
GEOS Support 24/7 SOS Monitoring and Response via GEOS Included, Covered SOS Button Prevents False Alarms (Also Cancellable)

Monthly Plans

Choose Your Plan
All ZOLEO monthly plans include:

Please click on image to redirect to ZOLEO website for more details.

Terms and Conditions

  • (a) As a consumer, you have certain rights under consumer protection legislation ("Consumer Rights"). These Consumer Rights include: (i) statutory guarantees under consumer protection laws, including as to title and delivery of goods, that goods will be of acceptable quality, match their description and be fit for any purpose made known to the consumer, and that services supplied will be provided with reasonable care and skill and be reasonably fit for any specified purpose. When a statutory guarantee is breached, consumers are entitled to a range of remedies including, in some cases, damages for reasonably foreseeable losses.
  • (b) Nothing in this Agreement is intended to exclude, restrict or modify any of your Consumer Rights, including by limiting our liability or imposing liability on you in a manner which would be considered unfair under the relevant consumer protection laws.
  • Activation fees: A $40 activation fee applies when activating your ZOLEO device.
  • Monthly fee: After the initial 3-month term, your subscription will auto-renew monthly until suspended or cancelled. The total minimum cost of your service throughout your term can be calculated by taking your monthly plan fee x 3 months, plus the one-time activation fee and does not include any excess usage chargers which may be incurred by the user.
    • Basic Plan $32 x 3 months + $40 activation fee = $136.
    • In Touch Plan $55 x 3 months + $40 activation fee = $205.
    • Unlimited Plan $80 x 3 months + $40 activation fee = $280.
  • Dedicated ZOLEO SMS number and email address: Australian and New Zealand customers will receive a ZOLEO email address and an Australian mobile number allocated when they connect their device. Successful SMS message delivery is not guaranteed and is dependent on multiple factors, including but not limited to, the receiving SMS carriers local regulations, policies, spam filtering and support for the ZOLEO SMS provider.
  • Location Share+ is an optional add-on subscription that includes unlimited check-in and location share messages. It can be added or cancelled at any time. If cancelled before the end of the billing cycle, no proration is applied.
  • Optional one-time top-up bundles can be added when required and expire at the end of the monthly billing period. Learn more.
  • Included satellite messages: Your monthly message bundle includes incoming and outgoing satellite email, app-to-app and SMS messages, as well as check-ins and weather forecasts. Additional message charges apply to incoming and outgoing satellite or SMS messages that exceed your monthly allotment.
  • Unlimited messages: Your Unlimited plan includes unlimited satellite app-to-app, SMS and email messages.
  • Cellular/Wi-Fi messages: No message charges are incurred for sending or receiving messages over Wi-Fi or mobile networks. You are responsible for data consumption charges, if any, from your wireless carrier.
  • Minimum term: An early cancellation fee equal to the amount due for your remaining term will apply to services cancelled during your initial 3-month minimum term. Upon cancellation, you will lose access to your ZOLEO email address, SMS number, online account and historical data.
  • Suspension: After your initial 3-month term, you may suspend your plan when not in use for just $6.50 per month. While suspended, your account remains active and preserves your ZOLEO email address and SMS number, but your device will not transmit messages, including SOS alerts. Suspensions are limited to once per monthly bill cycle. Unsuspend online anytime with no activation fee.
  • Switching between plans: Change your plan online any time; monthly fees and included messages will be prorated accordingly within your bill cycle.
  • You may use your ZOLEO product anywhere there is network coverage (subject to any applicable restrictions due to export laws, local laws, licensing requirements and regulations).
  • Fair use policy: If your use of SMS or unlimited satellite messages grossly exceeds average typical consumer usage, ZOLEO may, at its option, terminate your service or change your plan to one with no unlimited usage components. Where reasonable, ZOLEO will provide you with notice of improper usage before suspension, termination or change of your service plan.
  • Please see ZOLEO Standard Terms and Conditions for complete details.





Expected delivery times:
- North Island 1-4 workings days
- South Island 2-5 working days

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