Swann SWADS-GARSEN-GL Garage Parking Sensor DIY easy installation


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    • Indicates how close your car is to a garage wall & other objects to prevent damage to your vehicle & property
    • Set the safety distance to 1, 2, or 3ft / 30, 60 or 90cm away from wall & indicator lights will change color depending on how close you are to that distance
    • Green Light = Car is in detection zone. Orange Light = Car is within the slow down zone distance limit. Red Light = Car is at safety limit in stop zone
    • Easy to use & set up - offers parking assistance for vehicles which may not be fitted with car parking assistance systems
    • Main unit is attached to a wall at fender/bumper level & attached indicator light is set to windscreen level for visibiity
    • Completely wireless using 4 x AA batteries (not included) & indicator light flashes red when batteries need replacing

    Garage Parking Sensor Demo Video

    Just put the batteries in & mount. Quick demo video demonstrating how indicator light changes and how the light cable extends. Good reference for idea of product size.

    5.16 x 1.77 x 4.84” / 131 x 45 x 123mm
    Wireless Frequency
    40KHz Ultrasonic


    Expected delivery times;

    - North Island 1-4 workings days
    - South Island 2-5 working days

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