Ring 8AB1S7-0AU0 - Quick Release Battery


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Provide backup power for your compatible door bell system with this Ring battery pack. Its quick-release mechanism lets you swap between batteries easily, keeping your Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Spotlight Cam operational while you recharge a primary power source. Recharge this Ring battery pack from a wall outlet easily via a microUSB power cord.

Key Features

  • Powers your device for up to six months depending on motion and light settings
  • Swaps in and out of your device with a quick-release tab
  • Works with Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell 3, Video Doorbell 3 Plus, Video Doorbell 4, Spotlight Cam Battery, Spotlight Cam Solar, Stick Up Cam Battery (all generations), Stick Up Cam Solar (all generations) and Door View Cam.





    Dimensions 7 cm. x 4.5 cm. x 2.25 cm. (2.75 in. x 1.75 in. x 0.9 in.)
    Available Colours Grey
    Power Power Connector
    Micro USB
    Type Lithium Ion Battery
    Supported Devices Ring Video Doorbell 2
    Ring Video Doorbell 3
    Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus
    Ring Video Doorbell 4
    Spotlight Cam Battery
    Spotlight Cam Solar
    Stick Up Cam Solar (all generations)
    Stick Up Cam Battery (all generations)
    Door View Cam
    Operating Conditions -20.5°C to 48.5°C (-5°F to 120°F), Weather-resistant



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