QP2321 - 100A 6.5-100V DC Power Meter with External Shunt

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QP2321 Designed for dedicated high-current solar / battery installations with a massive 100A capacity. Suitable for voltages up to 100V, it covers systems up to 10kW (100A max). Wiring is made through a heavy duty current shunt for maximum reliability. Provides details on power, voltage, and current, as well as aggregation of power throughput (which can mean generation or usage depending on your installation) with an easy reset function. Bright blue backlit display provides easy reading in any lighting conditions. Features:- Real time information- Large backlit display- Total energy throughputSpecifications:Power Consumption: 0.2W Measurement frequency: 0.5s







Packaged Volume : 0.65l
Packaged Weight : 0.23kg
Packaged Length : 18cm
Packaged Width : 12cm
Packaged Height : 3cm
Width : 90mm
Height : 50mm
Depth : 25mm
Weight : 62kg
DC Volts Measurement Range : 6.5V
DC Current Accuracy : 1%%
Current DC Measuring Range : 0A
Screen Type : Flat Panel Screen (LCD)
Instantaneous Power Ranges : 10W
Power Consumption Ranges : 9999kWh
Availability : Stocked item

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